The School has a well qualified resident Doctor assisted by a Nursing Assistant.  Periodical medical check-up is conducted here.  In the Infirmary there are 16 beds for the care of ailing students and an Isolation Ward.  Cases of serious medical problems are referred to the nearby hospitals of Bhubaneswar Apollo, Kalinga hospital, KIIMS.


Medical Camp

Medical camp is conducted every year were students are subjected to medical checkup by physicians and other specialists. General physique, dental checkup, vision and hearing test are conducted.

First Aid

First aid is given to all minor injuries that happen within the school.

Medical Room

The school has a very hygienic and well maintained room to accommodate the students falling sick during the school hours. The medical room is well furnished to satisfy the needs of the users. The medical room is cleaned regularly or as and when need arises with antibacterial cleansers. Bed covers changed daily and ensured they are sterilized. The medical room is equipped with first aid medicines.


Emergency Transportation Service

The school has a vehicle and a driver for emergency transportation of pupils to hospitals/ clinics.