Sainik School Bhubaneswar, is having its own multiplex gym with ultra modern facilities and equipments. The main objective of the gym is to help the students develop more strength and stamina in terms of their health and other activities.

The formation of the gym will enhance the overall development of the students as they will be exposed to many types of exercises to improve their fitness and endurance power. The basic aim of the gym is to give the students a change from their regular time table of studies and classes. It helps them to acquire more sports skills and makes them shine brighter in the field. The gym is equipped with Treadmills, Weight bars, Cross Trainers, Rowing Machine, Crunches Pads, Bench-press and Cycling Machines that will help the students to burn the extra fat and also energize them from their lethargic approach to the surroundings. Gym is another way of making the child stronger in terms of his/her health and cautious about building a slimmer body. A proper session on the importance of exercises will be given along with an encouragement towards staying fit and trim. Building a gym in school will help children to take active participation in physical activities which they neglect otherwise.

Every equipment in the gym has its own importance. A Treadmill is one of the cardiovascular machines that help in cutting down of high level calories and develop the body muscles. The easy access to Dumbbells makes students tone up their loose muscles and built physique. Skipping and crunches will help students to engage in more sports and other co-curriculum activities like Athletics.

We all know a healthy body is more active and largely helps in better concentration towards everything. A gym will help not just to keep fit but also the students will be active and attentive in their classes. Hence, the gym in school is an ideal idea for us to encourage the students to participate in not just sports on special occasions but also adapt them in their regular lifestyle.